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 Commercial Space Hotel Total Solution

Our strong integrated R&D team along with a host of globally well-known designers utilizes the best internationally provided materials to provide a complete Total Solution package from concept to completion for middle and high end clients.


Four Guarantees to the Commercial Space Full-Course Total Solution

  • Design Guarantee
  • Implantation Guarantee
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Service Guarantee

Strong ability to go from Concept Design to reality. Tailor made designs are easily realized with our ability to engineer even the most extravagant of designs covering both classical and modern.

Integrating Rich Design, Material, and Services. Selection of the ideal materials for each project ensuring perfect function.

International standardized project management system guarantees proper implementation.

Industrialized ‘Component Level’ Exclusive Product Configuration. Providing total solution proposal to maximum your convenience and satisfaction.

The flexible production line with German machines can be easily set up for non-standard products.

Industrialized ‘Component Level’ Exclusive Product Configuration. Providing total solution proposal to maximum your convenience and satisfaction.

Complete German Construction Quality Management System.being concerned about every detail of the manufacturing process we underwent ISO9001 Certification in 2003.

Tailor-Made Construction Technique Matching System Each project is independent and reaches perfection of the highest level.

Strong project support team. Our team is professionally trained with special skills and it makes continuous progress in new technologies and material innovation.

Timely and Considerate After Sales Maintenance Services
Post-Construction Embellishing Re-design Services
Tailor-Made Property Consultation Services

Four Advantages of Customization and Individualism

  • R&D Advantage
  • Technique Advantage
  • Product Advantage
  • Material Advantage

Many years of implementation capacity in design, construction, material development Top Global R&D Resources Joint Advantage .Through cooperation with international teams, we continuously engage in development of new materials and technology innovations. Customization Product Design Ability.

(R&D Advantage)

10,000 square meter manufacturing facility for production of High Quality customized items .We have three factories including a brand new manufacturing facility of 70,000 square meters that can satisfy requirements of high-end clients

Fully capable of complete customization of any project.

Non-standardized Product Engineering Commercialization Capability .We are fully devoted to each and every detail of the project.

Purchasing Capability of the Top Global Product Brands.

Global Material Integration Advantage. We work closely with many international material manufacturers to provide you with newest and most high-tech materials in the widest ranges of choices at guaranteed reasonable prices.

Special Material Implementation Advantage .The key to ensure high quality is implementing continuous training for specialized material.

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