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Kebao is one of our home decoration brands which offer our clients a full range of products and home decoration services with the best value. Clients only need to be involved into experiencing styles and design process. Then a project butler will be exclusively named for your project management and supervision throughout the whole construction process. we offers our home decoration clients a real Turn-key project.

Valuable Portfolio

Kebao offers our clients preferential price per package solutions of products. Through methods for reducing the cost, such as the bulk purchases of raw materials, the optimization of operating processes and the widening the options of multi-standard spare parts, we offers a new the consumption patterns as “product + decoration”, thus breaking the traditional product consumption disadvantages which clients need to buy products of various brands from different places with different style and material.

Germany Know-how

Kebao’s package products are mainly designed by German designers and produced in the factory run by German management staff. All products are equipped with imported German “Hettich” high-quality hardware.

Life style

The way of life is really determined by the attitude one towards it. Kebao’s products are not solely designed and made for the daily-use, but also in pursuit of three most popular life style suites namely lahaus, You-You and Slow-life to fit clients’ life style and personal tastes.

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XPROG-M V5.5.5 is the only Xprog can decryption BMW CAS4. Software with usb dongle, easy to install.
VXSCAN S1 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader is a mini hand-held device, which supports all OBDII protocol on all OBDII/EOBD compliant vehicles to accurately diagnose engine problems.
JLR Mongoose for Jaguar and Land Rover are now fully supported by dealer level diagnostics module programming. This includes 2005 Up Jaguar and 2005 up Land Rover.
Super Volvo Dice Pro is the latest Volvo car scanner which is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle.
Nissan Consult Interface for Nissan is a diagnostic and test tool for Nissan cars,which can check and clear the fault codes,adjust the time and so on