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Boloni Home Décor Group was originally founded in 1988 and is a family owned company. Boloni Home Décor (Beijing) Co., LTD is primarily focused on the home decoration products while Boloni Flagship Decoration & Accessories Engineering (Beijing) Co., LTD is ideally suited for interior decoration & accessory products for commercial use. Both are a part of the Boloni Group. And from Oct.2001, Boloni has become a Joint venture company with an Italian laboratory which is from Brescia, the center of Italian fashion industry.

In just a few years, Boloni has grown to become one of the largest furnishing companies in China. Shortly after the introduction of their intergraded kitchen line Boloni quickly became the number one supplier for the domestic market. Boloni used the experience gained from the integrated kitchen business to successively launch their interior door system, integrated bathrooms, and a complete line flooring products giving Boloni the ability to provide a Total Solution for you and your project regardless of the size.

With the introduction of the German Tellmach building system, Boloni has raised the bar for on-site construction techniques and quality. Boloni relies on its team of international experienced experts for production flow, quality and project management which is rooted European Cultural & Design concept. Boloni owns and offers three different product series including Kebao, Boloni and Tellmach which provide the customer with a quality upscale product selection for the middle, high-end and the top markets. Boloni has established his own research and development centre to find professional solutions for domestic and international projects including luxury hotels, high-end retail and restaurants outlets, office building and prestigious automobile showrooms.


In 2005 Boloni opened its 8000m² Beijing flagship showroom.

In 2006 Boloni opened its 6000m² Shanghai flagship showroom.

In 2007 Boloni opened subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Qingdao, and Hangzhou China further expanding the Boloni brand.

In 2008 Boloni opened its Kunming and Hainan flagship showrooms.

Boloni is proud of having an established sales network with over 70 agents and nearly 200 retail outlets throughout China establishing a strong brand within China.

Operational and Manufacturing;

Boloni is a vertically integrated company with our own in-house design and engineering departments along with complete manufacturing and installation capabilities. With nearly 5000 employees,four manufacturing facilities totaling over 200,000m² in Beijing.


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