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 Boloni Total Solution for Developer

By keeping up to date with current fashion trends, accurately perceive developers’ perspectives along with providing decoration consultation, design and construction we’re able to ensure market value backed by our guaranteed project completion date.


  • Analysis Model of Cost
  • Show Room Incubation Centre
Utilizing market research from nearly 40 domestic real estate developers along with thousands of actual client cases we have been able to accurately develop a real-time cost analysis model.

Establishing the world’s first multifunctional showroom synthesis which accommodates R&D, education, exhibition and sales combining out-door scene showroom with product resource pool efficiently to achieve the multiple purposes of effects, function, costs and marketing.

Out-door scene showroom especially designed for developers, and tailor-made according to real estate projects. This showroom genuinely achieve design effects in accordance with decoration costs with the characteristics of rapid construction and easily replicable.

Able to provide complete solutions for your projects through cooperating with R&D and combining manufacturing resources that include complete kitchen solutions, bathrooms, interior doors and furniture without limits on style and design.


  • Optimal Design of Layout
  • Product Fine Design
  • Boloni Total Containment Solution Proposal
  • Optimal interior relationship – dialogue between people and space
  • Optimal behaviour space - ergonomics
  • Optimal flow of space – internal traffic flow
  • Optimal barrier free design – designs for any lifestyle
  • Modularization of containment space – refined design
  • Leading China’s Home-Decoration Industry for many years
  • Continuous tracking and research of tens of thousands of retail clients
  • Overall grasp of global home decoration trends and latest fashions
  • Specialised research and cooperation with domestic specialty design institutes in terms of ‘production, study and research’
  • Strategic cooperation with domestic and international architecture and interior design firms

Through the collection of client data based upon ergonomics, decoration requirements, daily life requirements and how the body interacts with its environment we have been able to establish a total containment solution system.





  • Progress Management
  • Quality Management
  • Cost Management
  • Safety + Environment
  • Construction
  • Having designers conduct in the field on-site visits we ensure that the design works well at the construction site preventing mistakes on site.
  • Utilizing standardized construction management tools to control project lead times along with tracking completion dates giving us the ability to keep clients up to date on project completion. Following such a strict process guarantees the quality our clients expect.
  • Set QCD target at construction field, to clarify quality, costs and construction period
  • Detailed construction organization and differentiated responsibilities
  • PDCA Circulation Management
  • Specialized quality inspection personnel conduct inspection using standard inspection benchmarks and inspection methods.
  • Optimal Total Project Management Design Control
  • A Physical Plan Control
  • Field Construction Control
  • Systematic and Procedural Management of Construction Management
  • Achieving ordered control through planning, following proper construction procedures, and system management.
  • Safety is a priority on all work sites; we have established field safety management regulations creating a safe work environment.
  • We use unified worker allocation system, and workers go through a strict screening and training process prior to working.
  • After sales customer service department to handle the entire client’s needs.

German construction materials and techniques are used eliminating problems such as cracking, noise and humidity.





Exclusive Products for developers’ project

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • nterior Door Systems
  • Wardrobes
  • Furniture and Sofas
  • Floor Materials



Interior Door Systems


Furniture and Sofas

Floor Materials


We provide products with matching styles and decorating materials such as furniture, curtain fabrics, light combination etc to achieve integrated design.
Strong retail and VIP client service support system

Marketing Support

Total marketing support comes from using specialized marketing concepts such as project marketing, targeting design marketing, decoration influence construction, and function influence layout giving a systematic selling approach coupled with multi dimensional marketing support and corresponding marketing tools.

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