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Paris New Bridge
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The New Bridge is the oldest and most famous bridge on the Seine River
It is the first modern bridge in Paris without bridgeheads
Carrying the rich history of Paris
Witnessing the changes and development of the City of Flowers (Paris) along with the Seine River
Stand at the bridgehead, looking at the distance and observing the nearby
Many artists have found creative inspiration here
Left behind countless timeless works in the style of 'New Bridge'
It has also added many legendary elements to the New Bridge
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  • 01 - 03
    French atmosphere in tranquility
    In contrast to traditional French style
    The Paris New Bridge adds a touch of modesty and gentleness
    It follows traditional French elements such as lines, carvings, chandeliers, and columns
    It also blends with the modern creamy style
    Injecting a touch of tranquility into the elegance and romance
  • 02 - 03
    The beauty of French architecture
    Influenced by French Gothic architecture
    The overall design of the Paris New Bridge expresses a sense of upward extension
    Symmetrical and orderly axis, spatial arrangement with a sense of formality
    Through a silent design language, it projects a sense of reverence and ceremony
  • 03 - 03
    Subtle morning light gently diffuses elegance
    Influenced by modern minimalism
    The entire space uses a simple warm white as the base color, with the addition of neutral tones in the design
    Balancing the weight of traditional French color schemes with elegance and understatement
    The soft morning light and the sunset, seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows, provide an unobstructed view