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Meet Aman
Having a high-grade sense of privilege is also a journey to tranquility.

In 1988, Adrian Zecha came across a beautiful coconut garden in Phuket.

A "secret garden" was built here.

This is the creation of Aman Resort Hotel, and it is named Amanpuri.

It means "a peaceful place".

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    Sit and watch the clouds rise

    Amanyangyun was built on the Hui-style architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties, surrounded by camphor trees that bear witness to time and space, and tranquil and distant lakes.

    Modern design aesthetics, a 300-year-old ancient house and a 4,000-year-old culture are harmoniously combined in this space and courtyard.

    Concise and rustic washed oak runs throughout, enclosing a spatial pattern that evokes the feeling of being surrounded by mountains and forests.

    To nourish the clouds is to nourish one's nature, to observe the forest is to observe one's mind. Through the quiet light and shadow, one can see the peace and Zen of living in seclusion in the city.

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    Listen to the wind

    At the foot of the lush Daimonji Mountains in Kyoto, not far from Kinkakuji Temple

    Hidden in a forest of red maples, Aman Kyoto naturally blends the subtle and sensual Japanese style with the minimalist concept.

    The building is made of large transparent glass and lattice pine wood, without a trace of extraneous decoration, and has an outstanding atmosphere and a Zen feel.

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    Hidden in the city

    Guests at Aman always love to go into the bedroom after enjoying a delicious meal at nightfall

    There is always a room with warm and heart-warming lights waiting for your return

    The so-called seclusion, you can choose to stay away from the hustle and bustle, or hide in Aman