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Recreating the luxury, splendor, and elegance of the ancient water city that has endured till today
Glass City

The new classical and light luxury style of Venice, derived from the golden ratio of the conch shell, is visible everywhere. This ancient marine creature, born in the Cambrian period and still surviving today, is mysterious and magnificent, just like the former prosperity of Venice that has never been forgotten

    Enjoying all the splendor

    In this context, the experience of 'luxury' is more of a feeling towards the space, a sense of elegance and grandeur in its structure and a proud attitude in its expression

    harmoniously bright

    The glass cleverly emits a gentle light within the cabinets, unconstrained by time and style, yet can enjoy a unique temperament with ease. Mysterious and magnificent, carrying the unique glory of the water city

    Medieval romance

    Reflecting the architectural beauty of St. Mark's Basilica on the kitchen cabinets, as if God's brush left behind intricate light and shadow, and the beautiful visage left on the water's surface