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West Lake Hidden Villa
Desiring to compare West Lake to a beautiful woman, heavy or light makeup is always suitable.
Exquisite Vintage

Establishing an emotional connection with space through the passage of time, and connecting with the era, not only softens the sense of value of classical elements within it,
Furthermore, it offers a thoughtful interpretation of modern French romance.

A white base with golden accents, understated yet proud,
Is it the unique spatial design or the perfect integration of color and lighting?
In the experience of life, it's like telling the love story of time,
And life itself is a gradually enriching process; the space you love can give you confidence,
It is your castle, it is your dream garden, deliberately created yet appearing naturally.
  • 01 - 03
    Holiday Encounter
    The living room uses low-saturation colors, combined with modern French exquisite lines.
    The plush sofa adds elegance and leisure to the space, bringing a romantic French sentiment.
  • 02 - 03
    Beauty of Ease
    The restaurant still incorporates a lot of rounded designs, with soft curves resembling freely growing vines.
    The hanging crystal chandeliers make the entire space stand out, and the beauty of natural ease comes forth spontaneously.
  • 03 - 03
    Engraving Time and Space
    The bedroom incorporates both rounded elements and sharp straight lines for a harmonious balance.
    It has an aesthetic charm where curves manifest in straight lines, making the space more graceful in posture.